Increased Efficiencies for
Parking Operations

Our patent pending payment processing platform is available to a variety of operators including universities, municipalities, hospitals, retail, private lots, and others.
Increase Collection Efficiency
By removing the payment decision making process from drivers, we ensure your collections are complete and accurate.
No Major Infrastructure
Get operational with as little as a small entrance/exit antena.
Operational Transparency
Gain expanded insights into operational efficiency and actionable data that until now, required expansive infrastructure and/or a large solution stack.
Variable Rate Controls
Manual and automated variable rate controls based on YOUR real time and historical data.
No Billing to You
Park.Easy fees are paid by our driver members… no transactional fees are billed to you… the operator.
API Integration
Custom integrations with your current technologies and 3rd party systems such as ticketing and LPR platforms.

By The Numbers
Take control of collections

Data from an independent study of drivers in a major US metro and their parking habits highlight the possible revenue shrinkage parking operators may be experiencing. The growth of mobile app payment usage has transferred the responsibility of accurate processing of fees to drivers. As expected, the more frequently users have to engage with manual platforms through apps, the likelihood of user error and/or abuse increases.

Park.Easy effectively removes the responsibility of accurate and full payment from your customers to ensure you are maximizing your revenue collections.

Percent of drivers that have failed to fully pay for parking at least once in a month
Percentage of drivers that have failed to full pay more than 2x in a given month
Percentage of non paying drivers ticketed over a given month

Customizable Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards and reports that allow you to take immediate operational actions including managing traffic, adjusting rates, mobilize enforcement, and more. Better understand your facility traffic with historical and real-time utilization, capacity, and entrance to park and park to exit times.

Manual and Automated Rate Controls

Adjust rates based on location, user, date/time, or traffic data points manually or automatically based on your defined settings so you can ensure your operations are running effectively

Technology Integrations

Park.Easy integrates with your current and expanded parking management technologies including LPRs, hand-held enforcement devices, gates, and more…

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Park.Easy is a patented hands-free automated parking payment solution.

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