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Automating your parking payment experience so you can keep your day moving.
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Getting Started (for drivers)
Register Your Vehicle

Register for your free Park.Easy account to receive your in-car FOB, personal PE user profile, and access to hassle free parking in our network of PE partner parking lots.

YOUR PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT: Park.Easy FOBs are not active while outside of PE partner parking facility and therefore cannot monitor and/or store your driving and/or parking activities while you are not utilizing the service within a PE partner parking facility.

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You’ve Got Mail
Your Unique Vehicle FOB

Your unique vehicle FOB will arrive via mail to your desired address. Once you receive your FOB, activate it by logging into your PE profile and follow the on screen instructions. Place your newly activated FOB on your vehicle dashboard… you are now ready to Park.Easy

                    S                     t                     e                     p                     01234567890                     .

… Easy

Locate your desired parking location within the PE partner network and simply park your vehicle. THATS IT. Park.Easy’s patented solution monitors the time your vehicle is ACTUALLY PARKED and not just entrance and exit of the facility or pre-session block estimates. Our technology then automatically processes your parking fees based on the posted rate at your current location. No need to download apps, enter zones, or keep track of tickets. Never worry about overpaying or adding/running out of time again!

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Mobile App
Additional Features

Download Park.Easy’s optional mobile app to locate nearby lots currently accepting Park.Easy, verify parking status, quickly access your user account to monitor parking history and fees, file a claim, or contact customer support.

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Park.Easy is a patented hands-free automated parking payment solution.

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